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At Kanav Systems, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge software development solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you're a startup looking to build a minimum viable product (MVP), an enterprise seeking to modernize legacy systems, or a business in need of a custom software solution, our team of experienced developers is here to help you every step of the way.

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Kanav understands that every business needs a unique strategy to win in the marketplace or compete effectively. Innovation is the only tool that can deliver high ROI within an organization or between business partners. Technology and the Internet can be leveraged to deliver not only new products and services, but entire new business models, bringing about fundamental change in how businesses deliver and their customers utilize their products and services.

Kanav aspires to be a true partner to its clients in enabling innovation, growth, and success. kanav believes that the engagement model must also be as innovative to fit the need of the company which chooses kanav as its technology partner. Of course, our standard engagement models and Agile development methodology ensure that we provide transparency, ongoing status, and shorter delivery cycles to our clients.

Our engagement models comprise of managed professional services for technology solutions, business & systems analysis, solutions architecture, design, development, and any other term engagements.

Fixed Price Model

When the specifications of a project are concrete, this model works well in devising a plan towards delivery. The fixed price is based on a well defined set of specifications. The fixed price is payable in parts which include a commitment fee and progress payments against defined milestones. The benefit of this model is that it offers well defined cost outlay and adherence to a budget. Any change in scope is controlled through change order management.

Talent Based, Time & Material Model

When the specifications of a project are still evolving, or you want to talk to a technology partner who can work with you at a high level concepts, kanav will bring its best talent to the table. Through proof of concept, prototype design, user testing, and incremental development, functional and technical specifications can be jointly developed. Under this model, kanav provides talented resources specifically for application architecture, systems analysis, software development, and QA/testing. This type of engagement can be structured using FTE, daily/hourly rate, or retainer basis. The benefits of this model are that it is the most flexibility model allowing rapid changes, flexible prioritization, quick deployment, and lower overhead.

Dedicated Team Model

When you are working with a set budget and you want to do make as much progress as possible within the given amount of budget and time, we will setup a team to fit your budget. Fixed Fee may not be possible because you want to evolve specifications to meet the demands of the ever changing market and you may want more stability and continuity than Talent Based T&M. Of course, you will get all benefits of Talent Based T&M model, and the cost savings of offshore development with several additional benefits.

You will get a stability of team that can be cross trained for improved continuity. You will benefit from a team lead as a single point of contact who will encapsulate the knowledge providing further continuity in functional understanding and technical insight into your project. And, finally, depending upon size and scale of the engagement, we can offer better FTE pricing than our Talent based T&M model. This model offers same benefits as Talent based T&M model with added benefits of a full fledged team.

Mixed Models

What is more? We can offer mixed models depending upon individual, project-by-project situation. For example, we can engage our most talented staff during initial scope and functional definition phase under Talent based T&M model, and then convert the engagement to Fixed Fee mode, or Dedicated Team model as you desire. So when it comes to engagement models, you will not find any other company that is more flexible than kanav . That is our promise.

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